Internship Recruitment

We are looking for a recruiting intern, in order to grow the company and work towards success. Are you interested in developing your personal and professional skills? Are you confident and have great communication skills? Then this might be a match!

We provide housing for (international) students and young professionals in the middle and upper segments. Our goal is to provide the best possible service to make our guests feel at home. Our main vision and mission are to contribute to a world where unique and diverse cultures come together while creating a safe and welcoming environment that everyone can call home. While becoming the world’s leading housing company with sustainable housing solutions that provides a safe living experience and great lasting memories in the hearts of those who want to live, learn, and work abroad.

Our team consists of enthusiastic and hardworking people, motivated to work on their personal growth. They are eager to push themselves to make the company a success and are open to support others in their learning process. During your internship, you will expand the University Housing team with new members so the company can reach new heights.

About the position:

The Mission of Recruitment is to make sure the company has the right team members working in the right position. We want our possible team members to feel that they have a personal connection with us, that we are transparent and that they receive a fair chance within the recruitment process.

Amongst other providers, we connect with Universities in order to get the most suitable candidates for the job or internship. You will provide excellent communication with our applicants and fill the positions as quickly as possible using all required resources. We should always make sure the positions are filled so each department is consistently able to provide excellent service in order to fulfill our customers’ needs and wishes.

During the internship, you will work on creating your own learning plan and are given the opportunity to work on a personal project. Furthermore, you will help with the improvement and update procedure of the recruitment department to reflect, develop and optimise our work processes.