Internship Portfolio Management

We are looking for a Portfolio Management Intern, in order to grow the company and work towards success. Are you interested in developing your personal and professional skills? Are you up for a challenge? Then this might be a match.

We are a company that specialises in providing housing for international students and young professionals in the middle and upper segments. Our goal is to provide the best possible service to make our guests feel at home. Over the past years, our company has grown tremendously and in the next five years, University Housing will become one of the Netherlands’ leading players in this field.

The University Housing team consists of enthusiastic and hardworking people, motivated to work on their personal growth. They are eager to push themselves to make the company a success and are open to support others in their learning process. During your internship, you will expand our list of properties so we can provide more guests with suitable housing.

Goal of the position:

The Mission of Portfolio Management is to expand the company’s portfolio with quality homes to rent out. We would like our guests to feel a sense of belonging, home, and happiness. To provide people with that feeling, we need ample and high quality housing to find a place that meets the wishes and expectations of our customers. You will assist the Head of Portfolio Management by handling sales, marketing, solving enquiries and questions as quickly as possible using all UH resources as required.

The aim is to deliver the best service in our field by delivering constant excellence. You grow the portfolio, create trust and build a sustainable relationship with our Landlords. This also means creating, improving, and updating the profiles of our biggest potential clients in the area. You are a born salesman, have a commercial mindset and aren't afraid of taking on responsibilities.

During the internship, you will work on creating your own learning plan and are given the opportunity to work on a personal project. With your commercial skills and sales pitch, you will grow our portfolio and in turn, grow the company.