Utrecht is an ancient university city built around the Dom Tower in the heart of The Netherlands. Utrecht attracts many people by its unique city center with wharf cellars along the canals. One of the most famous activities for those who come to Utrecht is canoeing. If you haven’t done it, you haven’t been to Utrecht! Rent a boat in the city center and explore Utrecht’s stunning canals and well-known wharfs. More information about prices for canoeing and location where you can rent a boat you can find on Canoe Rental Utrecht. For museum lovers, Utrecht has also interesting places to offer. Some of them are Waterline Museum, Railway Museum, Museum Speelklok and some other which you can explore on Museums & galleries Utrecht. To get a free access to more than 400 museums in the Netherlands, you can purchase a museum card. For more information about advantages of it and purchase instructions, use the link: Dutch museums. For all beer lovers, Utrecht offers an opportunity to drink a glass of bier inside an ancient church and feel the atmosphere of Middle Ages. It’s better to always reserve a seat on Belgisch Biercafe Olivier because the place is extremely popular!

Besides being a very attractive touristic place, Utrecht is a very compact and comfortable city for living in the Netherlands. From here, you can get to Amsterdam within 20 minutes by train and other Dutch cities are easily reachable, too. In order to navigate within a city, you can easily use various types of public transportation. To get train, bus or metro tickets at a lower price, we advise you to get an OV chipkaart which can be used for every type of transport. An anonymous OV chipkaart you can get for free in supermarkets such as Jumbo. To order a personal OV chipkaart, check out the link: OV chipkaart order online. One of the most convenient apps for all types of public transposition is 9292. For android, use the link: 9292 for android. For IOS, use the link: 9292 for IOS.

Coming to the Netherlands, you should keep in mind that there are very strict rules regarding disposal of waste. To see the guidelines for waste disposal in Utrecht and its surroundings, please read the Waste rules in Utrecht. To find the closest waste container to your house, use the map provided by the municipality of Utrecht: Location of waste containers in Utrecht.

If you would like to meet people from different cultures living in Utrecht, we suggest you to check out some communities such as Rotary Club Utrecht International, MeetUp & Internations.

All in all, we really hope that you will enjoy your stay in Rotterdam and have plenty of memories created!